The First Five Generations

Rene Cossitt married Ruth Elizabeth Porter in April of 1717.  Between December 1718 and July 1736 they had 9 children.  By clicking on the names of each of their children, you will be directed to a list of the known descendents for each of these children.  Each child is designated generation 2 and the list ends 5 or 6 generations later.  (Lydia Cossitt never married nor had any children.)  The data listed in this website is for informational purpose only and is not to be used for for Baptism, Endowment, Sealing or any other religious purpose.  It may NOT be posted on any other website.

The dates that appear after each of the names of Ruth and Rene's children are the dates that their descendant reports were last updated.  To be sure that you are getting the latest version of these reports on your PC, press the F5 key once you have the page that you desire.  If your web browser asks you if you want to see "blocked content" there appears to be nothing to gain by allowing the blocked content to be seen.

If you need help in determining which of the following Cossitt ancestor you come from, please contact us by clicking on Contact/Join.  If you find an error or have information about additional people that should be placed in the first five generations, please contact us by clicking Contact/Join.  Thanks!

Margaret Cossitt  1/20/2012

Mary Cossitt  6/24/2010

Deacon Rene Cossitt Jr.  8/4/2020

Ruth Cossitt  6/19/2010

Francois Cossitt  6/19/2010

Lydia Cossitt  6/19/2010

Timothy S. Cossitt  2/7/2012

John Cossitt  2/7/2012

Alexander Cossitt  6/30/2012