Our Officers

The bylaws of the Cossitt Family Association, Inc. provide for three officers and two directors "at large".


President:  Jennifer Lewis Collins of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Cousin Jennifer is the 7th great granddaughter of Rene Cossitt.  She descends through Rene Cossitt, Jr., the eldest son of Rene and Ruth Cossitt, and Rev. Rana Cossitt, their son, who as a British loyalist, left the United States in 1785 for Nova Scotia, Canada.  Cousin Jennifer became our Secretary in August of 2020 and was elected President effective January 1, 2023.  Cousin Jennifer, as Secretary,  developed our Facebook forum and will continue to maintain it.

Secretary:  This position is currently up for election.

Treasurer:  Richard Frey of Fresno, CA.  Cousin Richard is a direct descendent of Timothy Cossitt, the 3rd son of Rene and Ruth Cossitt.  Cousin Richard has been a member of the Cossitt Family Association since 2000.  Cousin Richard retired from the public practice of law in 2003 and enjoys fishing in the spring, summer and fall.   Cousin Richard has two adult children and four granddaughters.  He has been doing genealogy research since 1995 and has been the Treasurer since September, 2003.  Cousin Richard is also our webmaster.


The officers can be contacted by completing the inquiry form in the CONTACT/JOIN section of this web site.



Director:  Johnnie Louise Cossitt- Wood of Ashville, N.C.  Cousin Johnnie was the Secretary of the Cossitt Family Association from October 2004 until January 2006 when she became our President. She is the 5th great granddaughter of Rene and Ruth Cossitt  and a direct descendent of Rene Cossitt, Jr.  Cousin Johnnie is retired.  She has two married daughters and five grandchildren.

Director:   This position is currently vacant.