A Cossitt Veterinarian

We all know that Medical Doctors have been around for centuries, but other types of doctors such as Chiropractors, Optometrists and Veterinarians have not been around for that many years.  These latter professions having started in the 1800's.

Newton Cossitt Jr. was born in 1869 in Brockville, Ontario, Canada.  He was the 3rd Great Grandson of Ruth and Rene Cossitt.  From almost the beginning of his life, he suffered from asthma.  It is because of the Asthma that he lived his adult life in the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario Province. 

After attending the schools in Brockville, he went to the University of Toronto where he started his course of study in veterinary medicine.  His course of study was later transferred to the Ontario Agriculture College at Guelph.  (As a side note, the University of Toronto is the largest University in Canada and currently enrolls about 80,000 students.) 

Dr. Newton Cossitt was a farmer with animals of his own and because of this never practiced his profession publically.  There was, however, one occasion when there was an outbreak of foot and mouth disease and he was recruited to travel through the country and identify the disease.

In 1892 Newton married Mary Jane Barkley and this marriage produced three children: 
Ivan Curtis Cossitt  born 1893,  Wilfred Max Cossitt born 1896 and Jennie Beatrice Cossitt born 1899.  (See the Members Memories section for a story on Jennie Beatrice Cossitt 
http://cossitt.org/members/memories.htm )

Newton Cossitt died in 1938.

Newton Cossitt